Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews @CillaRaie’s Self-Titled EP

Cilla Raie: 'Cilla Raie' EP (Cover) [Poster Artwork]

2014 proved to be a difficult year for me as a reviewer primarily because there was an over-exaggeration of media coming my way that all sounded the same. It became boring & bland to review these projects because there was nothing different. Every so often, there would be the shining pile of music that would deserve a review. I prayed that this new year would start off strong & indeed it did.

This year, I start off with a review of the self-titled EP by British singer Cilla Raie, presented by Cilla Raie herself. There was nothing to gather from the EP cover & description, so I was intrigued to hear the project, especially because of its length. I prefer the shorter projects because it typically gives me enough of the artist to gauge a review on, so already Cilla Raie had capsulated me by her project.

Cilla Raie [Poster Artwork]

The first track, “No Love”, felt like a strong intro for a singer, as it displays the intensity & range of her singing ability. This is important in this day & age, especially considering that most “singers” tend to simply harmonize & not project the entirety of their voice. Cilla Raie manages to skip & bypass the aforementioned group by giving the listener a vibe that feels reminiscent of an early Destiny’s Child. That’s saying a lot. This structure of song, however, carries on throughout the EP, which is a bummer because I wished for different types of songs. I did feel however that this EP was created to market to a specific demographic, so I don’t blame it too much.

For those who follow VannDigital.com or are new to our reviews, I tend to give recommendations for the artists on their projects & future of the game. Cilla, I’d love to hear more ballad like songs from you. Show some variety on the type of production to create a good portfolio for new fans. People need to check out this project. Check out the project below & if you like it purchase it on iTunes.