Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews '#BeingThruTheEyesOfAChild' By The Rebirth (@TheRebirthLive)
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Editorial: @VannDigital Reviews ‘#BeingThruTheEyesOfAChild’ By The Rebirth (@TheRebirthLive)

VannDigital.com has had a lot of different types of artists come through the website asking for reviews, and the ones that I review have been very hit or miss. Most are terrible while there are some of those gems that really stand well with my high expectations. When the main boss hit me with this review, I was expecting some corny music with the title ‘Being Thru The Eyes Of A Child’…but boy was I wrong.

Allow me to break up this review in separate “thirds” if you will, starting with the first “third” (tracks 1-4). Each of these songs focus on the smooth soul/jazz rifts that are atypical to the genre. But what’s noticeable to me, is the integrity of the vocals from the lead singer. Her progressive voice & smooth mixing of the vocals combined with the great gestures of the percussion really make these first four records really enjoyable. After the first “third”, the second “third” (tracks 5-8), allow the rest of the band to come forth together & lead the songs with each individual instrument. The percussion sets the tone for a majority of the songs and stays consistent as a metronome for the bass & keyboard synths, allowing for a Funkadelic-type vibe. The last “third” culminates the entire project, equipped with similar melodies of the other songs on the project to have this grand finale vibe. The additional vocals harmonizing throughout each record add a euphoric feel to the songs, which give the songs tone & feel to them.

I had a blast going through this project & recognize the hard work that goes into putting out funk/soul music. Support your artists by purchasing their music & respecting their craft. In this case, go cop The Rebirth’s album ‘Being Thru The Eyes Of A Child’ on 1.27.2015!!!