Editorial: @VannDigital EP Review: Marty B (@MartyBTakeOver) » Free

Editorial: @VannDigital EP Review: Marty B (@MartyBTakeOver) » Free

Rapper Marty B is among the new generation of artists (including Wale, Audra The Rapper, & Fat Trel) coming out of the DMV area. He plans to make an impact on the rap game with his newly released EP ‘Free’. ‘Free’ is a 7-track project which features knowledgeable & hard-hitting lyrics that’s sure to appeal to fans of real hip-hop.

Marty B takes us back to the 70’s with the classic Deniece Williams track “Free”. The interesting part about this track is not only is it a classic, it still holds significance in 2013. “Moment Of Truth” is a true-to-the-heart track which introduces rapper Qwan Ali who, along with Marty B, does not disappoint. “When Birds Fly” is another good listen off the ‘Free’ EP that’s another display of Marty B’s lyricism.

The biggest lessons that anybody can take from ‘Free’ is that “you can do anything you set your mind to”, “never let anybody tell you that can’t do something, not even the person saying this to you”, “always stay focused”, etc. In 2013, unless you know where to look, there isn’t much music that listeners can learn anything from as there isn’t too many outlets supporting real music this day in time. Sometimes you have to do a little bit of leg work to hear the music you really want to hear & not let anybody tell you any different which is the whole point behind ‘Free’.

Anybody looking for a good learning experience through music will enjoy ‘Free’. Also, don’t forget to peep Marty B’s shows in a city near you as well as other upcoming projects which are coming soon. ‘Free’ is available now & you can download it here. -Review written by DV

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