Editorial: ‘Trayvon’s Law’ Legislation To Be Drafted By The Dream Defenders

Editorial: ‘Trayvon’s Law’  Legislation To Be Drafted By The Dream Defenders

Travyon’s Law versus the Trayvon Martin Act:

Their efforts do not dovetail with those of the Trayvon Martin Foundation, which is calling for legislatures to implement the Trayvon Martin Act.

Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, advocated for this act in a speech before the Congressional Black Caucus at a hearing last Wednesday to address the state of black men in America. The act would amend states’ Stand Your Ground laws, making it illegal for people who initiated aggression to act in self-defense.

Conversely, Trayvon’s Law advocates for a full repeal of Stand Your Ground, not a revision of the law.

“We need an aggressive stance against Stand Your Ground, otherwise we would be dishonest with ourselves,” said Agnew. “If we come out advocating for reform, we get no movement. It results in a bad deal with devastating consequences for our youth.”

Columbia University professor Dorian Warren, a Roosevelt Institute fellow who studies inequality in American politics, agrees.

“I think the stronger the movement demand, the more successful, especially if it inevitably gets watered down in the political process,” Warren told theGrio. “This is the moment to educate a whole new generation of young activists and mobilize thousands of people while the energy and emotions are high.”

Agnew urges immediate action based on the common ground of achieving justice for Trayvon, while respecting other approaches.

The Trayvon Martin Foundation is not affiliated with the Dream Defenders, and did not respond to requests for comment about the organization in time for publication.