Editorial: ‘Trayvon’s Law’ Legislation To Be Drafted By The Dream Defenders

Editorial: ‘Trayvon’s Law’  Legislation To Be Drafted By The Dream Defenders

Drafting “Trayvon’s Law”:

Those camped inside the Capitol intend to hold their own week-long session in the hallways of the Senate chambers to draft “Trayvon’s Law,” legislation they feel will help redress the perceived social injustices highlighted by the verdict.

Trayvon’s Law has three pillars. First, is the repeal of Stand Your Ground laws in Florida, which sanction the use of deadly force against a possibly deadly threat without the obligation to retreat.

Second, is an end to racial profiling by police coupled with preventative training and disciplinary procedures that curtail it.

The third pillar would end Florida’s zero-tolerance school policing policy. The Dream Defenders say these school policing standards contribute to what activists call the “school to prison pipeline,” a phenomenon whereby young people of color find themselves more quickly and easily incarcerated than others.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Florida leads in more school-based arrests than any other state. The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice reported that more than 12,000 Florida students were arrested approximately 14,000 times last year in public schools. Although black students comprise 23 percent of Florida’s school population, they make up 47 percent of arrests.

The Dream Defenders’ session will host community experts and testimonies from young people who have been most affected by these issues.