Editorial: ‘Trayvon’s Law’ Legislation To Be Drafted By The Dream Defenders

Editorial: ‘Trayvon’s Law’  Legislation To Be Drafted By The Dream Defenders

Background and update on the Defenders:

The Capitol sit-in began two days after a jury of six women, five white and one Puerto Rican, found George Zimmerman innocent on July 13.

Although the Dream Defenders said they are currently negotiating with Florida lawmakers about their demands, Scott has not conceded their initial request for a special legislative session to address Stand Your Ground laws.

No fewer than 15 protestors stay overnight every day in response to these developments, Agnew said. Overnight protestors sleep on sheets, because the Capitol will not permit sleeping bags or air mattresses to be used.

Agnew counted nearly 150 overnight protestors one evening. The group also has thousands of followers on social media.

Over the weekend, a Capitol staffer reportedly tried to bring food for protestors (who are cut off from the public outside business hours), but the staffer felt intimidated by authorities and never made it through.

This prompted reports that Gov. Scott was attempting to starve the protestors into submission, reports denied by authorities.

Yet, when the Capitol reopened to the public on Monday, the activists were able to bring food in. They will restock with enough food for weekend hours to avoid any future confrontations.