Editorial: The Barbz Roast Tia Mowry For 'Shaming Women'

Editorial: The Barbz Roast Tia Mowry For 'Shaming Women' 2

Tia Mowry was in trouble with Nicki Minaj fans after being accused of "shaming women" in an Instagram post.

The post in question was a picture of Nicki Minaj wearing a skimpy bikini alongside Lisa Bonet, who looked young as was still on The Cosby Show, wearing a loosely-fitted outfit.

"Not that there's anything wrong with the other girls but this is so me," wrote Mowry in the post, saying that she preferred to dress like Bonet.

The kickback over the post was almost instant, and Mowry eventually took it down.

Tia Mowry's "Women-Shaming" Instagram Photo"This picture is shaming women as usual," one person wrote. "And any woman who supports this post is ignorant and is an idiot."

"Tia set herself up," wrote another. "Lisa Bonet had her 'other girls' moments too."

"Shade. If dressing like that isn't your cup of tea, keep it lit and dress how you're comfortable," wrote yet another. "Never knock another woman for being comfortable showing skin. We're all created equal but different."

Mowry was quick to defend herself, saying that she was only trying to speak to her own fashion choices and had not meant to criticize or shame anyone.

"Nobody is shamming anybody," she wrote in her response. "Please don't read into it. Geesh!"