Editorial: Is @SouljaBoy Backing Down From Fight With @GillieDaKid???

Soulja Boy [Photo Artwork]

Seems like Gillie took things a step farther and challenged the young boy to a physical fight in the ring. Its looked like it was going down, but KnockoutNation is reporting that SB caused a wrinkle in the plan.

"Gillie Da Kid and Soulja Boy had a pretty petty beef as all the stuff that was going down during the uprising in Ferguson. Nobody much paid attention to be honest. That didn't stop Soulja Boy from publicly threatening to kill Gillie. Well, Gillie apparently took it to the old school and challenged SB to a fight. In the ring. Well, it didn't happen. According to sources close to the situation, Soulja Boy "backed out" of a celebrity rumble. What is funny is that Gillie was being trained by Floyd Mayweather, Sr. Why SB didn't want to duke it out with some older rapper is unclear, but it may have something to do with a right and a left."

News sources courtesy of AllHipHop.com & KnockoutNation!!!