Editorial: Self-Hater #AzealiaBanks Takes Jabs @ #BETAwards & Black Media

Azealia Banks [Photo Artwork]

I'm not exactly saying the BET Awards are the best thing going for Black recording artists (as evidenced by the last few events from 2009 on down). But to see Azealia Banks throwing a social media temper-tantrum because she was nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist is taking a step backwards. I say it's taking a step backwards because let's be real, who else is nominating her for awards???

So anyway, you can watch Banks throw her temper-tantrum (via Twitter) below…

[xyz-ihs snippet="AzealiaBanksTemperTantrumTweet"]

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For anyone interested, you can peep the nominees for the 2015 BET Awards via BET.com plus you can cop her upcoming album 'Fantasea II: The Second Wave' in mid-2015!!!