Editorial: How To Recognize A Wack Ass Rapper

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Earlier this week, I did a random Google search (which I forget what it was for) & came across this article. Today, I feel I should share this with all visitors to VannDigital.com...Enjoy!!!

  1. Limited subject matter. Says the same shit all the time. Very predictable & cliche’.
  2. No consciousness, spirit, or heart. No soul. Always hollow & shallow content. Non-challenging lyrics. No creativity or display of wit. Relies on punchlines.
  3. No conviction in delivery or in lyrics. Just mumbles or speaks rhymes with no personal connection to what is being said.
  4. Never crafts lyrics or flow to create his own identity. Sounds run of the mill due to lack of experimentation; the same ol' ABC/123 nursery rhymes.
  5. Limited vocabulary. Poor diction, thereby limited power of communication. Low grade reading level.
  6. Never writes lyrics to a beat or rhythm. Rhyme flow is offbeat, forced, & even sounds uncomfortable. Sloppy. May imitate another person’s flow.
  7. Never creates own lyrics at all due to having a ghost writer or bites rhymes from others.
  8. Punches in non-premeditated lyrics line for line in the recording studio; meanwhile brags that the rhymes flow off the dome as a freestyle.
  9. Does not acknowledge the other elemental pillars of the Hip Hop culture. Never participates or affiliates with the real cultural community.
  10. Never involves or affiliates a DJ in the studio or on a live set. Music often sounds non-DJ friendly.
  11. Unable to rock a mic with a live DJ back-spinning, cutting, & phasing. No skill to improvise the rhyme flow on live break beats. Pre-recorded music.
  12. No history of the Hip Hop culture, its roots, & inspirations. Never a student. No backbone & always frontin’.
  13. Only makes lyrics & songs for image out of self delusion & false marketing. A liar.

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