Editorial: O.J. Simpson To Get Early Release From Prison???

O.J. Simpson (2013) [Editorial Artwork]

Yes, he’s still in prison, but O.J. Simpson swears he’s going to be released early – so much so that he’s already lining up acting gigs in hopes of resurrecting his Hollywood career.

The former NFL star has served only 5 years of his 33-year sentence at Lovelock Correctional Center outside of Reno, Nev. In May, Las Vegas District Court Judge Linda Marie Bell presided over a weeklong hearing during which Simpson’s new attorneys, Patricia Palm and Ozzie Fumo, sought to have his 2008 conviction tossed on allegations that the incompetence of his former lawyer Yale Galanter and conflicts of interest made it impossible for him to get a fair shake in the robbery trial.

The Juice believes Bell will rule in his favor and he will be sprung. In anticipation of his early release, O.J. is already negotiation to guest star opposite Charlie Sheen in “Anger Management.” Simpson’s longtime promoter, Norman Pardo, recently pitched the idea to a senior production exec on the FX series and was met with a resounding thumbs-up.

“He said, ‘Anger Management’ with O.J. Simpson? That would be a perfect fit!” Pardo told The New York Post.

“O.J. would play a thinly veiled version of himself — a famous con who’s pissed off about being unjustly incarcerated,” Pardo said.

Sheen stars in “Anger Management” as a former minor league baseball player who becomes a therapist specializing in anger management. The New York Post reports the deal with Simpson is far from finalized, the network still needs to sign off on the idea and Simpson has yet to be released from prison.

“Anger Management” has been home to a few attempted comeback stories. Lindsay Lohan appeared in an episode and former “Grace Under Fire” star Brett Butler has a recurring role on the series. The FX comedy recently went through a cast shakeup. Selma Blair left the show and Brian Austin Green was promoted to series regular. “Anger Management” is looking for a new female co-star to play opposite Sheen.

Simpson’s acting credits include the “Naked Gun” film series, “In the Heat of the Night” and “The Towering Inferno.”


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