Editorial: New Witnesses Confirm Accounts Of How Michael Brown's Murder Went Down

Michael Brown [Photo Artwork]

Two men who witnessed the Michael Brown shooting are coming forward with their accounts, backing up other witness accounts. One of the men anonymously spoke with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Both men were reportedly working at an apartment complex near the shooting when they say they heard a single round go off, looked up and saw the shots. The anonymous worker also told the Dispatch that before Brown met his untimely demise, he had spoken with his co-worker.

That co-worker, who spoke with KTVI previously, says that he after he struck a tree root, he cursed. This prompted Brown to come over and offer positive words, "[Brown] told me he was feeling some bad vibes," the man said. "That the Lord Jesus Christ would help me through that as long as I didn't get all angry at what I was doing."

The man who spoke with the Dispatch said he heard a little of their conversation before Brown walked away and they returned to their jobs. Thirty minutes later, the anonymous worker heard the gunshot. He then saw Brown running from Wilson's patrol car. Wilson was about 10 to 15 feet away from Brown, he added. Ninety feet away from the car, the officer fired a second shot while Brown's back was turned.

The worker said that Brown stumbled before stopping, turned around, put his hands up and repeatedly said, "OK." He told the FBI that because Brown stumbled before turning around, it looked like he'd been wounded.

Wilson stopped 10 feet before Brown with his gun aimed, the worker said. Brown then began moving. "He's kind of walking back toward the cop," the worker said. He claimed that Brown's hands were still up at the time.

As he backed away from Brown, Wilson began firing off. Following the third shot, Brown's hands started going down and he moved 25 feet toward Wilson while the officer kept firing. However, he said he couldn't tell if Brown's movement toward Wilson was a stumble or not.

Though Brown's possible approach of Wilson after being shot has proven another major dispute point, the worker said that the youth didn't charge the officer.

"I don't know if he was going after him or if he was falling down to die," he said. "It wasn't a bull rush."

News source courtesy of NewsOne!!!