Editorial: #MannyPacquiao Takes More Swipes @ #FloydMayweather...Will The Fight Go Down???

Editorial: Pacquiao Roasts Mayweather By Saying 'When People Aren't Educated They Just Talk'

Manny Pacquiao has started to use social media to call our Floyd Mayweather and he’s quite good at it.

The Filipino pugilist took it to Floyd over the weekend on Instagram, calling the undefeated champ #TheBestExcuses. The hashtag is a play on Floyd’s own TBE, which stands for “The Best Ever.”

Previously, Pac Man had said that #FloydRhymesWithAvoid, which definitely isn’t a great hashtag. Nevertheless, he clearly stated his case by telling Floyd, “Stop throwing punches on Instagram and let’s get in the ring!”

After a lopsided win over Chris Algieri Saturday, Pacquiao took his case to the world.

“The people deserve that fight. The fans deserve that fight. It’s time to make that fight happen. It’s been a long time. I want that fight. They’re always denying the fight. I think the fight has to happen.”

News source courtesy of AllHipHop.com!!!