Editorial: King Space (@PrinceLouisXVI)- Know About Me (Prod. @WizzyWow) [Review]

Editorial: King Space (@PrinceLouisXVI)- Know About Me (Prod. @WizzyWow) [Review]

In this new generation of music, there has been an influx of up and coming rappers/producers/artists creating dope sounds with almost little backing. Fortunately, these best of the best shine when they put out substantial and quality music. Today we have King Space‘s exclusive and newly released track, Know About Me (Prod. by WizzyWow).

Firstly, a little information on King Space. He’s been grinding hard these past two years. King Space spends most of his time utilizing the power of social networking; connecting with several artists, fans, and music enthusiasts all the while exposing his sound to each of them. As the years went by King Space developed his own unique flow and sound, something unheard of these days.

On the other side of the track we have the producer Wizzy Wow. Wizzy Wow is a songwriter, musician and music-producer under the Renowned Label. He is responsible for a bunch of hit songs such as Chrisette Michele’s “Cherades” featuring 2 Chainz and Taio Cruz‘s “Dirty Picture” featuring Ke$ha. Other artists he has produced for include Estelle, Roll Deep, Boy Better Know, Mz Bratt and Kano. Having the backing of a renown artist certainly helps fill the emotions out as King Space attacks the beat with enough ferocity to warrant a “Kanye Rant Warning” label on it. Wizzy Wow is currently in the middle of putting out an instrumental project soon so be on the look for that as well!

Currently, King Space is in a highly elevated place, creating his debut album: NYC of DREAMS. His first single from the album, Museum Lifestyle (feat. A-Harsh) is to be released soon.

Here’s a video previewing some of the tunes from his upcoming album. From what I hear, the sounds coming from my speakers deserve some applause. It sounds super ill!

You can follow King Space in all of his adventures on twitter here , as well as WizzyWow here.