Editorial: Jermaine Dupri Files Countersuit Against Ex-Assistant Taddrick Mingo

Editorial: Former Road Manager Sues Jermaine Dupri For Overtime Pay

A man claiming to be Jermaine Dupri's former assistant filed a lawsuit against the So So Def founder for loss of income, damages, and attorney fees. Dupri has now filed his own suit against Taddrick Mingo.

According to TMZ, Dupri is claiming that Mingo was never hired as his assistant and was merely a friend who lived off of him. The producer also alleges Mingo wrecked his Hummer, and he is seeking compensation for the damaged vehicle.

Mingo's original suit accused Dupri of not paying him for working over 65 hours a week from 2010-2014. Durpi in turn states that he gave Mingo free studio time and allowed him to stay in his condo rent free for four years.

Dupri is also involved in another $1 million lawsuit with former business partner Eddie Weathers. He was also sued by SunTrust Bank for $2 million in 2013.

News source courtesy of AllHipHop.com!!!