Editorial: Jay Electronica…The Best Rapper To NEVER Release An Album?

Editorials: Jay Electronica...The Best Rapper To NEVER Release An Album? 3

Jay Electronica is 37 years old, and has been in the rap game for a while. He is signed to Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation. The man has bars out of this world, and is highly underrated. Ex: “They call me Jay Electronicafuck that, Call me Jay ElecHanukkah, Jay ElecYarmulke, Jay ElectRamadaan, Muhammad A’salaamaleikum, RasoulAllah Subhanahu wa ta’ala through your monitor“. Allegedly his highly hyped album Act II: Patents Of Nobility (The Turn), possibly more hyped than Dr. Dre’s Detox album has been completed. The thing is, it’s been done since July 2011.



In the words of Mr. Electronica himself: “Nas hit me up on the text, said “What you waitin’ on?” TIP hit me up on the text like “What you waitin’ on?” And hip-hop fans feel the same way. The whole world is watching every minute.