Editorial: Gucci Mane To Come Home In December 2016

Editorial: Gucci Mane Gets $250K Fine & 3 Years In Prison For Gun Charges

Gucci Mane got a get out of jail free — or, rather, early — card on Saturday. A judge has taken a full year off of the rapper's prison sentence, allowing credit for time already served, reports TMZ.

The Alabama-born rapper, (ne Radric Davis) was arrested and charged with illegal gun possession last September. Gucci was given a 39-month sentence, scheduled to begin August 2014. The judge presiding over Gucci's case is now saying his prison time begins at the time of his arrest.

The "Freaky Gurl" rapper, who has been in and out of prison for several years, will now be released in December 2016.

News source courtesy of BET News!!!