Editorial: DMX's Son Puts His Dad's Platinum Plaque Up For Sale On eBay

Video: #DMX Accused Of #Juugin $3,200 From Newark Man @ Gunpoint

DMX is indignant & hurt over what he considers supreme betrayal by his own son, who is selling the rapper's platinum records while he sits in jail.

X's son Xavier wants to jump-start his own music career with cash, and the cash cow was lying right in his closet. DMX lived with Xavier & his mom until 2007, when the woman threw X out. He left lots of stuff behind, including the platinum records.

DMX's Platinum Plaque Up For Sale On eBay

Xavier put precious platinums for the albums 'And Then There Was X' & 'Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood' on eBay for a total of $3,000.

X is livid, saying it's his stuff & not Xavier's. What's more, DMX says it shows supreme ingratitude ... he says he took his baby mama out of the projects & got her a house next to Martha Stewart's.