Editorial: DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAmDJYRSJerzy) Partners With #ValidityRecordings (@IndieValidity)

Editorial: DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAmDJYRSJerzy) Partners With #ValidityRecordings (@IndieValidity) 2

Many artists nowadays are taking the independent route to get their music out to the masses & are changing the music industry as we know it. This is also the case for up & comer DJ YRS Jerzy who has been making several moves in the independent market. He is apart of the indie label SKE Records & also decided to connect with Validity Recordings for a distribution deal. Validity Recordings is a new up & coming label that is also on the rise. With the company & DJ YRS Jerzy both working towards their goals with getting their brands out more, there was no better plan then to just come together & take over the independent music scene. DJ YRS Jerzy is also the founder of his own management company titled DYJ Management which is doing quite well & starting to build traction.

DJ YRS Jerzy [Photo 2]

Both Validity Recordings & DJ YRS Jerzy seen the bigger picture using both the platforms that they offer it would be something great when everything takes flight. The company will now be releasing some of the next projects that DJ YRS Jerzy will drop in the near future for a small fee. DJ YRS Jerzy knows how to capitalize & really take his brand to the next level. He will have any artists that he will produce or work with drop projects through the indie label as well. This is more of a “win-win” situation for both the label & DYJ Management. There will be a big release coming from them sometime in the Summer. You just have to stay on the lookout for more information. You can also check out to see other artists that the company is promoting as well. Certain artists that are with Validity Recordings will not be affiliated with DJ YRS Jerzy or DYJ Management but everything that DJ YRS Jerzy & DYJ Management put out for sale will be under Validity Recordings in one way, shape, or form.

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DJ YRS Jerzy & Validity Recordings will be keeping everyone updated on their latest projects via social media or through media press such as interviews etc. This is only the beginning for the young entrepreneur as there will be a lot more to come in the very near future. Look out for Validity Recordings, DYJ Management, & DJ YRS Jerzy to do some very big things in the future.