Editorial: Dizaster vs. Cassidy Battle Is On The Way!!!

Editorial: Dizaster vs. Cassidy Battle Is On The Way!!!

It's official. And it's happening in December.

As the first announcement for the Fresh Coast/FilmOn event in Los Angeles in December, Dizaster will be battling Philadelphia emcee Cassidy.

Dizaster leaked the news in a live TinyChat broadcast to an audience of a few hundred people that at points included Big T, Okwerdz and Andy Milonakis.

Dizaster had been hinting at a huge match-up for the last few weeks, leading many fans to speculate that Lupe Fiasco or even Eminem could be his opponent.

Cassidy is an emcee who first rose to prominence on the back of a 2001 rap battle against fellow Philly emcee Freeway, before going on to work with the likes of Swizz Beatz, Jay Z and R. Kelly. He recently mentioned being offered $250,000 to battle, but didn't specify who it was against.

In an April interview reported on by HipHopDX, Cassidy said he'd only be motivated to battle again by the right opponent:

"They just reached out to me not too long ago," he said. "They want to put some shit on pay-per-view and offer a large amount of money, but the shit gotta make sense to me. I elevated from that. I'm not battling no more. The reason why I was battling in the beginning was to get my name known and let niggas know that I bite heads off so that I could eventually get in position to start making money. I been making money for longer than these niggas probably been coming out the house. So it's like for me to backtrack and go back to battling, I feel as though [is] the wrong move for me. Only way I would do that if it was like an artist that accomplished something like I accomplished it. It'd be worth me doing it, for me to even get motivated to want to do it."

News source courtesy of BattleRap.com!!!