Editorial: #DameDash Roasts #XXLMagazine & #MarcEcko

Dame Dash To Be Evicted From His Home???

Dame Dash revealed recently that he and Kanye West are planning to acquire bankrupt streetwear retailer Karmaloop.

XXL later published an article that claimed the pair weren’t, in fact, buying the business, which has since been deleted. Following the piece, Dame took to Instagram to criticize the mag for spreading the “wrong info“.

He wrote:

“Hey Xxl… I think you better smack your source in the mouth… He’s giving you the wrong info and your reporting it to all these good people…”.

He also took the opportunity to bash Marc Ecko once again:

“Marc Ecko dont get scared… But you disrespected the wrong dude… I’m on your heels #culturevulture …. [email protected] need a job let me know,” Dash wrote.

On Monday (March 23), he called Eckothe fashion version of Lyor Cohen,” claiming that Ecko’s business model is to “make money off of urban people..

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News source courtesy of BallerStatus.com | Photo source courtesy of Dame Dash’s Instagram @DuskoPoppington!!!