Editorial: #CWMuzik (@CeezWorld215) Interviews @MelAlstonJr [2.15.2015]

Editorial: #CWMuzik (@CeezWorld215) Interviews @MelAlstonJr [2.15.2015]

Mel Alston Jr is a male indie singer/songwriter from Philadelphia. His music is an alternative mixture of Soul, Rock, & R&B. He released His first mixtape, 'Waking Up, Vol #1', in 2010.

Mel sang as a child & played several instruments including piano, trumpet, & trombone. He attended Howard University where he played trumpet for the "Showtime Marching Band".

After finishing college, he began to act and sing in local plays, which created an interest by his peers in a solo career. Along with J Forbes & several others, Da Circle Entertainment Group was created to positively influence & network with local artist in Philly.

Mel began to work with several writers and producers including Willie Stone, Terrence Anderson, & Ric & Pres. Currently unsigned, Mel plans to break boundaries with a new raw sound influenced by Rock & R&B.

CW: How long have you been singing and how did you get started in the first place?

Mel Alston Jr: I've been singing professionally for about 7 years but been singing since about age 9. I got started singing at church plays. I had a couple lead rolls in musicals. So a lot of people said they were impressed, so I started to take it more seriously.

Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?

Ryan Leslie, The Roots, Flying Lotus, Gregory Porter

What is the best piece of advice in this business you've received thus far?

To keep an open mind, think outside the box and practice a lot. Build your craft. Research different ways to promote your brand, be passionate about your art form but also treat it as a business.

What kind of music albums did you grow up listening to?

R&B, Jazz, Rap, Classical

Where is your favorite place to perform?

The Trocadero in Philly

Which emotion more than any other, currently dominates your music? Joy, sadness, anger or passion etc., and why?

Joy and sadness currently dominates my music because love is a rollercoaster and I've been on a few in my lifetime.

What's something that people do not know about you?

A few years ago I won a trip to Nassau at a restaurant in Philly called Warmdaddys. I just happened to have written a song called "Lets Getaway" like 6 or 7 months prior to that so when I went to Nassau ended up shooting a music video for the song.

In your opinion, who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today?

Stevie Wonder

Out of all your music you have made, what songs you feel are your favorites?

Dreamer, The Impossible and Science & Math

Tell me about an important issue you encountered recently.

Still waiting on "Sound Exchange" to get back about my registration so I can see what's good with this music stream money lol

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