Editorial: Condolences To Tim Dog From VannDigital.com

Editorial: Condolences To Tim Dog From VannDigital.com

Despite accusations in 2013 that he had faked his death to avoid paying back victims he swindled out of money, rapper Tim Dog has been confirmed dead.

In Feb. 2013, reports surfaced that the rapper (real name: Timothy Blair) had passed away after suffering a seizure linked to diabetes. He was just 46. However, the lack of documentation and a previous grand larceny charge fueled rumors that he faked his own death to avoid arrest ... and to avoid paying back debts to various women he's scammed out of money over the years.

Despite rumors, Dateline NBC investigated and eventually found that Tim Dog did, in fact, die on Feb. 14, 2013 at a hospice care facility in Atlanta. After tracking down info that he had been admitted into an Atlanta hospital, they traced him back to Hospice Atlanta, where he lived out his final days.

The story says he was "treated at Atlanta Medical Center before being discharged to Hospice Atlanta," adding that "no paperwork was filed in the county where Blair was widely believed to be living -- because death records are filed in the county of death; and no one except close family, friends and carers knew where the former rapper lived -- and died."

The death certificate lists Blair as a "music producer" in the entertainment business and confirms that Tim Dog was 46 at the time of his death.

Tim Dog began his career in the 1980s as an unofficial member of the Bronx-based group Ultramagnetic MCs, before rising to prominence with his debut album, 1991's Penicillin on Wax. It featured the controversial track "F*** Compton," which attacked members of N.W.A. and the popular gangster rap scene in Los Angeles.

In recent years, he's made headlines for appearing on Dateline NBC, who profiled an online dating scam he cooked up in which he swindled single women out of thousands. He was busted in 2011, and later pleaded guilty to grand larceny for defrauding a woman out of $32,000, claiming he needed investors for a comeback album.

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