Editorial: Is J.Cole (@JColeNC) Overrated?

Editorial: Is J.Cole (@JColeNC) Overrated?

J. Cole is a rapper from North Carolina. After a vigorous grind he landed the first spot on Jay Z’s Roc Nation, and has released a plethora of mixtapes, along with two albums, Cole World: The Sideline Story and 2013’s Born Sinner. To many, The Sideline Story was underwhelming, but J.Cole came back and gave fans a solid release with Born Sinner. J.Cole makes his own beats, he raps on them and he has plenty of gems.


He produced Kendrick Lamar’s (@kendricklamar) flagship track “HiiiPoWeR” from Kendrick’s album Section.80., and his hottest and most-known songs are produced by him. but for some gems, he drops the ball a few times. On “Nobody’s Perfect” (featuring Missy Elliott), he says “Cole heatin’ up like that leftover lasagna..”, and on Born Sinner‘s opening track “Villuminati“, he addresses gays with “Don’t be so sensitive, if you want to get fucked in the ass, that’s between you and whoever’s dick it is, pause.”

One thing is for certain, Cole’s stans will argue that his work ethic and co-sign from Nas make him great, others will argue that he is “boring” or makes them sleep. Cole has momentum and will continue to create magic in the near future.

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