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Editorial: #ASAPFerg Takes An L By Claiming ‘Racism Is Over’

A$AP Ferg announced the end of racism in an interview with NPR Music recently. In between talking about music, fashion and “helicopter lessons,” Ferg stopped off on the topic of race while sharing the goal of his music.

With fans from the hood to the hills, the 26-year-old is now “bridging the gap” between cultures in a world where the Internet killed racism. “There is no racism with the Internet,” declared Ferg before announcing, “Racism was probably like five generations ago.”

After a short pause Ferg reiterated his timetable, “Yeah, like five generations ago. Racism been over. It’s the old people that keep holding onto it. We don’t hold onto that s**t. We don’t know racism.”

Perhaps padding his point with more examples, Ferg noted, “My brother had white girlfriends. That’s regular.”

The interviewer stepped in to steer Ferg towards acknowledging that there are different forms of “oppression that causes separation,” and he agreed. But that kind of discrimination has nothing to do with race. “I think that’s classism, I don’t think it’s racism,” he said, echoing Kanye West’s sentiments.

Money now supersedes racism and Ferg hopes to cash out one day. “Basically it’s not about racism no more; it’s about who got the biggest money. So we gon’ oppress these people, they don’t get nothing… it’s a pyramid, that’s how a pyramid works. Everybody plays the position, you need all these soldiers to keep the big man up there.”

He hopes to reach the top of the metaphoric life pyramid where no racism exists. Ferg’s a leader after all.

“Everybody’s not a leader and that’s cool,” he said. “If they chose not to lead then they could just put me on a pedestal if they comfortable with doing that.”

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