Editorial: Amerikka’s Most Blunted Review- @Tr1zz and @El_Ch3z

Editorials: Amerikka's Most Blunted Review- @Tr1zz and @El_Ch3z

I’ve been on the same page as  Chuuwee and Trizz. After meeting them a few times, it’s obvious that these guys are putting on for their cities and the west coast in general. It’s only right that I covered their album, “Amerikka’s Most Blunted”. There’s a few things to air out before this review begins. First off, AC3Beats is one of the freshest producers to touch any computer based programs. Any sounds an artist can want, he’ll fit it. He’s a very versatile producer and I can definitely see him hitting the sound waves in the main stream radio.

One of their most memorable singles, the album begins with “By My Lonesome”. It’s a very interesting choice to open with this record because it’s a very groovy but sneaky beat as well. Let me elaborate. This sounds like the theme song for cruising down  Los Angeles‘ streets in a ’64 Impala. The atmosphere and flows given by both Trizz and Chuuwee show their versatility as rappers and song composers.

The second record of the album, “Fukin’ Great” is a particularly favorable record. The minor chords blaring  throughout the song fit the intensity of the song, matching the likes of any Rick Ross hype son. It’s almost impossible to not chant the chorus down the street. Also, Chuuwee made it clear that he will never pay no one 40$ for 2 grams, something that’s heaven sent in Los Angeles. Trizz will also lay the slickness with the smooth lyrics to any rapper that attacks.

The album starts strong with their two singles and keeps a consistent pace throughout the album including a feature by Skoolie 300 and smooth production from Ac3Beats all throughout the project. My favorite record out of the next 4 tracks (minus the interludes) has to be “Above It All”. The soultrap wave is something I’m really fond of and Ac3Beats comes correct with the smooth jazz sample and the hi hats go supreme on the record. Match that with Trizz‘s down to Earth versatile verses.

The last couple of songs from the album ends the project off really well, starting off with quiet potentially the best song on the album. “SPC” (Sean Puffy Combs) Firstly, the nasty west coast synths (in an awesome way) introduce the album with a smooth line. This song captures the uniqueness of the project and chemistry between both artists. They aren’t simply two separate emcees. They are both one duo capable of creating good, meaningful and eccentric songs. This message carries over with the record “Time”, a perfect goodbye to the project.

The main point behind this album: Enjoy yourself. Even throughout the crap and problems surronding the Earth, there is a lacking of feeling wavy. That’s what this album pushes. Good job Trizz and Chuuwee.

The album launches on iTunes 3/3/14. You can stream the album below. You can purchase the deluxe version with more songs when it hits iTunes..