Editorial: 5 Reasons Why DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAmDJYRSJerzy) Got Next!!!

Editorial: 5 Reasons Why DJ YRS Jerzy (@IAmDJYRSJerzy) Got Next!!! 1

Starting as a DJ, at the age of 17 years old, Jersey City, NJ native DJ YRS Jerzy is next in line as one of the industry’s next big DJ, manager, and music mogul. DJ YRS Jerzy was highly influenced by Funkmaster Flex, DJ Whoo Kid, and DJ Drama. With those fellow DJ’s being heavy hitters in the game, Jerzy speaks on watching them growing up “Funk Flex was just the king in NYC and I couldn’t go a day without hearing him on the radio, DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz series is amazing and I admire how the industry praises him. DJ Whoo Kid is dope too and when G-Unit took off, it was crazy the mixtapes he put out”, Jerzy explains. DJ YRS Jerzy has an impeccable work ethic and with this being said he has a great following online and in the streets. DJ YRS Jerzy indeed has many things under his belt and for his great hustle, it has lead him to do great things in the music business. Aside from being a young DJ on the rise, Jerzy also manages up and coming artist Chox-Mak & NephLon Don as well. Speaking on the artist he explains “I see the talent and both those artists are talented in their own way, as a DJ, manager, and mogul I have an ear for music and will push them to the top.”

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So with all that said, here’s 5 reasons why DJ YRS Jerzy got next:

  1. DJ YRS Jerzy is always doing something whether it’s dropping a project with his artists Chox-Mak and NephLon Don, doing a show, interviews, etc. He is always working to elevate himself and become better. It seems like this guy never sleeps with everything he has going on. The way he is moving, he will definitely be a major figure soon. There is never a moment where you go to his social media networks and not see him promoting something. He is always on his grind and hustling making it happen.
  2. DJ YRS Jerzy is featured on some of the top websites like every other day. If you are on the come up you will know how important that it is to keep your name in the media. The fact that he is young and still learning more shocks a lot of people that he understands this much about the industry. He knows how to work the media and make his way connecting with some of the top executives behind the scenes.
  3. DJ YRS Jerzy is a trendsetter he isn’t following the crowd while everyone is out trying to be a rapper he is working towards being a mogul. He works with several artists that respect his hustle and grind to help change the game and bring something new to it. He works very closely with the up and coming media outlet Hip Hop Vibe both behind the scenes work and in front of the camera doing interviews. He has some major things coming up this year and you should follow his social media accounts to find more.
  4. DJ YRS Jerzy is receiving a great amount of online and now FM radio play he has singles playing on stations across the country in certain states and cities. He has had radio play in markets such as North Carolina, Vegas, Los Angeles, DC, Louisiana, Atlanta, and the list goes on and on. He has also been featured a couple times on the UK’s BBC Radio 1Xtra. He is one his way to be a major figure soon and won’t stop until he gets to the top.
  5. DJ YRS Jerzy shows no signs of slowing down he will always be on the grind working on another venture that he will succeed in. I would take notes and really pay attention to his hustle because you could really learn a lot and this isn’t even the start of what’s to come for DJ YRS Jerzy. Stay tuned as you can keep up with him online and find future tour dates etc. The grind continues for DJ YRS Jerzy & don’t sleep because you might miss something.

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