Ebro In The Morning Breaks Down Kanye West’s Unpredictable 2018

Ebro In The Morning Breaks Down Kanye West's Unpredictable 2018

Kanye West returned from his hiatus in 2018, and had many of us talking about everything else but the music. He returned with a solo album, one with Kid Cudi, and produced others from Pusha T, Nas, and Teyana Taylor.

It was also a year he aligned himself with the far right party or “MAGA’s”, found a new friend in Candace Owens, said “slavery was a choice”, made a questionable visit to the White House, got into a beef with Drake and more.

From his call to Ebro to say “I Love You,” to the text messages Ye leaked on the internet, to “scoopity poop,” and more, Ebro in the Morning looks back at the year of Kanye West.