Dye Hard (@DyeeHard) feat. DMoney Martinez – Don't Know Us (Remix) [MP3]

Dye Hard (@DyeeHard) feat. DMoney Martinez - Don't Know Us (Remix) [MP3]

Gittuff Entertainment R&B princess Dye Hard is reaping the rewards for the hard work she's put into perfecting her craft as a singer & songwriter, as the world gets to hear her debut single "Don't Know Us". The song has been receiving major airplay around the United States and to follow up on the tune's success, Dye released a remix for the fans featuring DMoney Martinez.

Dye shares:

"I'm so humbled by the response we've been getting from radio and listeners. I wanted to give the fans that have been so supportive a little something extra in this remix. I think it just really gives the song a unique vibe and adds layers to what we already created."

Dye Hard on December 2016 [Press Photo]

The 20-year-old Michigan native may be new to the masses but has been hard at work in the studio for several years now, perfecting her sound. In 2013, Dye released "Me, Myself, & I", a song that she collaborated on with the legendary Carlos Santana and his son, Salvador Santana.

The single "Don't Know Us", was recorded with hit songwriter Sickpen and was produced by Fraathouse.

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