Dutch Man Jonathan Jacob Meijer Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Dutch Man Jonathan Jacob Meijer Awarded Donkey Of The Day

Dutch man Jonathan Jacob Meijer has been awarded Donkey Of The Day.

The last Donkey Of The Day for this week is another interesting one 🤔

The Donorkind Foundation, a Dutch organization which supports donor children, is filing a civil suit against 41-year-old Dutch musician Jonathan Jacob Meijer.

Now, why the hell is this happening, you ask???

In addition to being a musician, Meijer is also a sperm donor that has fathered at least 550 children.

Unfortunately, that has become a problem for the Donorkind Foundation as they feel that Meijer is breaking existing rules in the Netherlands by making excessive donations that resulted in the mentioned outcome.

Ties van der Meer, chair of the Donorkind Foundation, had this to say “We are taking action against this man because the national government is doing nothing. He has a global reach via the internet and he does business with large international sperm banks.”

Blacklisted back in 2017 for fathering more than 100 children, Meijer continued to defy limits intended to avoid unintended incest, inbreeding, and psychological trauma for his offspring on an international level by using a pseudonym while using multiple donor websites.

One of the many recipients of Meijer’s sperm, by the name of Eva, had this to say “If I had known he had already fathered more than 100 children I would never have chosen him.”

Eva closes with “If I think about the consequences this could have for my child, I am sick to my stomach… Many mothers have told him he needs to stop, but nothing helps. So going to court is the only option I have to protect my child.”

As of right now, Meijer has declined to comment on the case that is currently ongoing.

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