Dub MD & The Audible Doctor Drop ‘EP​=​MD²’ EP

Dub MD & The Audible Doctor Drop 'EP​=​MD²' EP

Dub MD and The Audible Doctor share their new EP, ‘EP​=​MD²’.

When society goes from targeting the heads of unarmed African Americans to a global surveillance state where voyeurism, gang stalking, and theft are the new normal.

‘EP​=​MD²’ takes you from 1984 to current day featuring K-Hill (Stallone & Weathers), Singapore Kane, Krumbsnatcha, Tokyo Cigar, Elete Wright (St. Joe Louis), The Good People, Lena Jackson, Joc Scholar (Grand Opus), Likwuid, and others.

All beats by The Audible Doctor.

EP​=​MD²‘ Tracklisting:

  1. George. (Intro by Tokyo Cigar)
  2. Doublethink featuring M-Dot, K-Hill, & Joc Scholar
  3. Room 101 featuring Mr. Live & Singapore Kane
  4. Where’s My Mind? featuring Mayhem, Avrex, & Elete Wright
  5. In Memoriam featuring Lena Jackson & Krumbsnatcha
  6. Evil I featuring The Good People, junclassic, & Likwuid