Dream Out Loud With Joseph Wooten (@JWootenSoul)

Dream Out Loud With Joseph Wooten (@JWootenSoul)

Newark, NJ– On 9.13.2016, Joseph Allen Wooten, a 3-time Grammy nominated artist for his skills on the keyboard, spent his day with Dreamality inspiring children with his music. Dreamality is a charity that prides themselves on providing students music education all the way through to college entrance. Dreamality, coupled with Joseph, was able to provide a fun informative way to help children by using music.

Kick starting each gig with a electric performance by Wooten in front of the 10-13 year old students from the Brick Academy's Avon & Peshine Schools. The students interests were captivated immediately with his funky keyboard. After providing the student with a little fun, Wooten went on to discuss what it's like to perform on the big stage with Steve Miller Band as well as give some helpful advice. Educating the students on the importance of music, stage advice, & being the best you can be had students sitting on the edge of their seat. Wrapping it up with some more live music Dreamality & Wooten ended with a room full of smiles.

Dreamality & Joseph Wooten teamed up to inform students about Dreamality's purpose of providing children the ability to go from streets to stage. Focusing on children in crime-afflicted neighborhoods the goal is to engage children in their creativity to get them away from any negativity. The importance of academics and maintaining an appropriate GPA enables children to stay in school with music.

If you would like to donate to Dreamality and make students "Dream Out Loud" you can visit DreamalityInc.org…Any interest in an interview with Joseph Wooten or scheduling someone to come to your school please email cyn.suineglive@ofni