Dr. Umar Johnson Advocates For Murdering Cops In Revenge For Police Brutality

Dr. Umar Johnson on Fox News on September 28, 2017 [Press Photo]

As we already know, Dr. Umar Johnson is good at talking a good game. But can he do the walking like he does the talking???

According to FOX 46 Charlotte:

A controversial speaker pushing for violent retaliation against police brutality will speak in December at Johnson C. Smith University.

Dr. Umar Johnson has advocated for people to shoot and kill law enforcement officers in cases of police brutality. Videos posted to YouTube of Johnson speaking have millions of views. Now Charlotte will hear him in person at Johnson C. Smith University on Dec. 28.

“I choose my words very carefully as you know, but it’s time for one of us when we get into a fight with one of these police to take his weapon and blow his God damn brains out,” Johnson said. “And I say that in honor of every black man, woman, and child who have beaten or murdered by police.”

Still, retaliating against police brutality with deadly force? FOX 46 Charlotte asked students: Is this really the right method?

Deomunique Abrams will not be attending the event.

“I think it’s too much,” she said. “You don’t react to violence with violence because you get nowhere with that. It’s ignorant.”

Others say they won’t miss it.

“He’s a strong intelligent man and I respect him on so many levels.”

While they don’t agree with violence on either side, they appreciate Johnson taking a stand against, what they call, the “bad cops.”

“Every other officer that’s out there, I appreciate you.”

Race is at the center of this country’s social conversations. From athletes kneeling, to protestors clashing. In fact, the group Anticom, which started the Charlottesville Riots, was planning a march here in Charlotte the same night Dr. Johnson is set to speak. Anticom had announced its plans first, but later backed down citing “safety concerns.”

“If they came down here, that’s probably what we’d see, if not worse.”

For the speaker encouraging attacks against officers, whether you like him or not, he’s coming to the Queen City.

In a statement to FOX 46 Charlotte, Johnson C. Smith says Dr. Umar Johnson’s organization is renting a facility, adding in part:

“We require that his organization, like any other that seeks the services of the university, adheres to the rules outlining safety and security. To be clear, no faculty, staff, or student group invited this speaker to our campus, nor do we enforce his statements and political stance.”

The following YouTubers also took the time out to speak on this matter below:

Anti Afro Svengalis:

Keyboard Musician:

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