Dorian Hunter, The 1st Black Woman To Win ‘MasterChef’, To Use Prize Money To Open Restaurant

Dorian Hunter, The 1st Black Woman To Win 'MasterChef', To Use Prize Money To Open Restaurant

Dorian Hunter is the first-ever Black woman to have won the prestigious title of MasterChef in the show’s 10-season history. She also took home $250,000 in prize money, which she plans on using to open her own restaurant.

Hunter emerged as the winner during the finale of the show’s recently concluded 10th season. After her victory, she also plans to write a cookbook that will include soul food recipes with a twist for “elevated soul” cooking as she describes.

One of her goals is to also open up her own restaurant someday using the $250,000 she won. Although the money would be much less after taxes, she said it would be a big help in starting her dream restaurant.

“It is enough for me to at least feed the idea,” Dorian said in an interview with Parade. “I don’t have to go to the table with nothing, so I am definitely going to have to get investors or some sort of a loan, or find the rest of the money somewhere else, but it is going to be a nice start. I always say that having the title is more than the money. I am hoping to be able to work the title to, ultimately, open up that restaurant.”

Aside from the title, Viking kitchen, and prize money she received, Hunter said that she is also excited about her opportunity to train in one of each of the restaurants owned by the judges Joe Bastianich, Aaron Sanchez, and Gordon Ramsay. She said, “You can’t put a price on the training you are going to get out of each of these chefs’ restaurants.”

Hunter, who is also the oldest person to ever be in the finale at the age of 45, hopes to inspire other people to reach their dreams despite their past experiences and their age.

“It is never too late for you to say, ‘You know that dream that I had? I’m going to go ahead and dust it off and try to make it work.’ I failed a lot, but here I am. I am succeeding now, so it is never too late.”