Donna Lewis “The Mark” (Video)

Donna Lewis “The Mark” (Video)

Platinum singer/songwriter Donna Lewis shares her new single, “The Mark”, about undergoing radiation.

Today, we share with you the new single from platinum songwriter and artist, Donna Lewis.

Entitled “The Mark“, the song draws together a vortex of iridescent beats, dark and mysterious synths, and a euphoric vocal that electrifies the atmosphere.

Swinging like a pendulum between a powerful chorus and intimate whispers, Lewis creates tension through contrasting sonic layers.

Beneath Donna Lewis’ transcendent vocals, “The Mark” weaves slow moving undercurrents that cast a hypnotic spell over the listener, ultimately creating an unforgettable magnetic performance.

Donna confides on the release, “Before undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer, my body was mapped with four tattoos marking the exact spot where the radiologist would direct their beams. Mine were tiny, but my first tattoos ever! The anxiety leading up to the first session was overwhelming, and there were quite a few, 5 days a week for 5 weeks. But once I was on that treatment table, it transformed into my meditation time. With every deep breath in, holding the breath, and then the exhale, I became attuned to the red radiation lights, imagining them obliterating every speck of cancer dust in my body.”

Donna Lewis, a world renowned artist celebrated for her timeless love ballad, “I Love You, Always Forever“, was due to commemorate her hit song’s 25th anniversary in 2021 when tragedy struck.

Finding solace through music, a pivotal and transformative album was born, the upcoming ‘Rooms With A View‘.

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