Donald Trump Spiritual Advisor Paula White’s Grifting – Who’s Next?

Donald Trump Spiritual Advisor Paula White's Grifting - Who's Next?

A National Level Con Artist Targets ALL Potential Victims, and no JOURNEY

When “Dr.” Paula White-Cain, Evangelical Minister and current wife of legendary Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain, her third husband, ascended the national stage to conduct the opening prayer for President Trump’s inauguration in 2017, most people saw only a well-groomed, relatively attractive “young” female minister invoking God to bless the new administration. What most Americans didn’t know was that Paula, like Trump, has a long and tangled history of sexual impropriety (including an affair with married evangelical colleague Benny Hinn, which she denies but he confessed to), financial irresponsibility (including bankrupting the Without Walls ministry, that she founded, in 2014, though she also does not take responsibility for that, stating that she had resigned prior to the bankruptcy itself), blatant dishonesty (calling herself Dr., despite not having a degree of any kind), and predatory financial behavior, including scamming her parishioners, many of them poor and middle class minorities, with what is no more or less than an elaborate Ponzi scheme. For Paula, faith is a business to be used to fulfill HER superficial needs and desires; business has, generally, been pretty good for her. And she WILL target anyone and anything necessary to maintain the carefully built artifice of her Christian leadership identity.

Everything she does is a total act,” said Ole Anthony, president of the Trinity Foundation, a Dallas nonprofit watchdog group that monitors televangelists. “… She’s on this ride now that’s just going hot guns and big celebrity, and she’s going to fail miserably because the things that they’re doing are so outlandish,” noting her lavish lifestyle.

Paula’s machinations to enrich herself have never been easy to identify and unravel. Like Trump, she’s used her business, in this case faith, as a cover for her real aspirations; for Paula, faith is a route to national elevation and material wealth, not an existential experience. Sadly, she is able to use the desperation of those most vulnerable to build a superficial legacy of Christian conviction, all while hoarding the resources that her congregation could ill afford to tithe. Despite denying her ties to the prosperity gospel pyramid scheme, she continuously preaches that giving her money will ensure the material wealth of those who send her increasingly excessive amounts of money.

There’s someone that God is speaking to, to click on that donation button by minimizing the screen. And when you do to sow $1,144. It’s not often I ask very specifically but God has instructed me and I want you to hear. This isn’t for everyone but this is for someone. When you sow that $1,144 based on John 11:44, I believe for resurrection life.” –Paula White

Upon her ascension to The White House, riding Trump’s coattails just as she did with her second husband, Paula continued her “Prosperity Gospel” grift, referencing her “part time” role in her sermons and online activity to encourage donations. Alongside 1980s evangelical preacher Randy White, Paula perfected her scam, as the two of them leached millions from their congregation, amassing wealth beyond their wildest dreams, even as those they scammed struggled; this pattern continues with both Trump and her current husband.

According to HER, Paula’s connection to Jonathan Cain was the result of a chance meeting on a flight to San Antonio; Paula was divorced, Cain was not. This ‘touching’ story is wholly inaccurate, but the pair connected and later married in 2014, with Cain joining White onstage to promote her theology and grift, as well as encouraging wives to watch pornography with their husbands (a massive no-no in Evangelical circles). He also began releasing Christian gospel music and tithing a substantial proportion of his income to her ministries.

As with all aspects of her life, Paula’s marriage to Cain is easily tied to access to wealth and the trappings thereof. Beyond the Christian cover for Paula’s twisted aspirations for wealth and power (she’s currently worth approximately $5 million), Paula’s outrageously exorbitant lifestyle has been showcased across the “faith leader’s” social media, including extravagant gifts attributed to Cain. She has also undergone numerous, costly cosmetic procedures to create the appearance of youth and beauty, dressing in high end fashion and owning numerous homes and vehicles. The question then is: what more will she do to gather more wealth to sustain an ever-increasingly over-the-top lifestyle? According to Cain’s bandmates, that would be access to the legacy of Journey.

In recent filings, Journey founder, guitarist, and songwriter Neal Schon has announced that Cain and Paula herself have been accessing the band’s financial resources, including the Journey American Express account, and obscuring information, even to the point of blocking Schon’s legitimate access to those accounts. Paula, the third wife of the keyboardist, is on the account, but not the original founding and only contiguous member, Neal Schon. Why is Paula on an account through which millions of dollars earned by the band passes, why is the account blocked from Neal, and why won’t Cain release access? How much money has been spent and by whom, and for what? These are all legitimate questions, and worth looking deeply at.

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