DOGMA (Two Feathers, Ausi, Snowgoons) “Dear Internet” (Video)

DOGMA (Two Feathers, Ausi, Snowgoons) “Dear Internet” (Video)

Oklahoma artists Two Feathers and Ausi as well as German production team Snowgoons–collectively known as DOGMA–share the official music video for their new single, “Dear Internet”.

‘DOGMA’ is the new project by the Snowgoons with Oklahoma artists, Two Feathers and Ausi.

Step into the ominous, provocative world of “Dear Internet” where we see the narrator vividly describes the harrowing act of self-immolation before a live audience in a desperate quest for fame.

The mournful, hypnotic production from the Snowgoons combined with Dogma’s gritty imagery and hard hitting social commentary combine to highlight and confront the dark side of our fame-obsessed culture.

Experience a haunting narrative that forces us to question the true cost of internet notoriety.

DOGMA’s “Dear Internet” track is also available now to stream on Spotify

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