Doctored Sound Releases ‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ Compilation Album

Doctored Sound Releases ‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ Compilation Album

Doctored Sound presents a glorious insight into the themes of Lauryn Hill’s famed album with the release of ‘Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’.

Music has forever been a subjective wonder that lends itself to emotion, insight, thought, and feeling. From deep political movements and social commentary to sheer entertainment, music is all encapsulating when it comes to its cause and can be consumed on a personal level with personal understanding, yet every so often an album is created that rocks the world and touches listeners en masse. When Lauryn Hill made her solo debut with the release of ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’, she created a masterpiece that presented a woman’s view on life and love with an exceptional artistic range that would subsequently contribute to the greatest albums of all time, and to the evolution of hip-hop and neo soul.

In an unprecedented, landmark move, over 20 years after its release and almost 5000 miles from its inception, an upstart record label from the UK, Doctored Sound, has selectively pieced together a selection of exceptional talent to dissect the themes within the Grammy Award winning album and make a masterpiece of its own. ‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ is a 10-track project masterminded by Isatta Cesay, the founder of the Black female-led label who has previously been signed as a major label artist and consults for 0207 Def Jam and The Rap Game UK. “My goal was to use Lauryn Hill’s incredible album as a tool to inspire and develop a new generation of talent. The music industry always asks questions about female rappers and their position in the market. As a Black female rapper, I thought it would be great to create an example, through Doctored Sound, in order to back up my responses. I wanted to do this by using arguably the greatest rap album of all time as inspiration, because it was created by a Black woman.”

Featuring the talents of 4 upcoming artists, that are at a breaking point of their careers, and 3 producers, the selection of solo and collaborative tracks was created over 3 months, alongside a documentary, a photo gallery, and a selection of studio-led visuals that documents the projects creation. From bouncing lo-fi hip-hop beats, flirtations of Afrobeats, soulful R&B to the throwback styles of jazz and 90’s hip-hop that strike through the heart of the record, ‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ is a celebration of hip-hop style and culture. Zino Milly (Fredo, Kojo Funds), EM1X (Headie 1, Abra Cadabara, Sneakbo, Tion Wayne), and Dom Porter (K S R) lead the charge for the production with each bringing a flair of contemporary edge to the classic sounds and synths that are emblazoned across a bygone era. Meanwhile the lyricism, delivery, and flows come from a celebrated cast made up of SB (supported by Tiffany Calver, Kenny Allstar, & Snoochie Shy), Denyher (championed by DJ Kenny Allstar), Mercy’s Cartel, and Samson (championed by Kojey Radical).

Exploring love (in several guises), pain, modern day pressures and beliefs, from a British perspective in 2022, the project features 2 solo singles from each artist and a collaborative grand finale for “Onto Something”. Unpicking an iconic album and interpreting it in today’s climate has allowed for an exceptional piece of work to be created that undoubtedly makes room for new discussions, new thoughts, and feelings to be spawned. Much like its predecessor, ‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ offers a musical moment to be explored, celebrated, and cherished for future generations. With a timeless sound and an array or exceptional talent, it’s time to explore ‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’.

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Doctored Sound’s ‘The Miseducation Of The Insta Generation’ compilation album is also available now to stream and cop via all major digital streaming platforms

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