DL Hughley In Conversation With Killer Mike, Jamie Foxx, & Kirk Franklin

DL Hughley In Conversation With Killer Mike, Jamie Foxx, & Kirk Franklin

Today, Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud and comedy legend DL Hughley will air a special 1-hour conversation with rapper/activist/entrepreneur Killer Mike; Academy award-winning actor and comedian, Jamie Foxx; and Grammy-award winning gospel star Kirk Franklin as part of a special edition of DL's interview series "DL UNCUT".

Below are preview clips from each guest interview for coverage consideration in advance of what is sure to be a compelling and thought-provoking conversation as each of these powerful black voices share messages of justice, unity, and action.

DL and Killer Mike discuss the impact of forceful protests and the responsibility that comes with it:

"Peaceful protests don't make people uncomfortable enough to make change…America will never answer to you if you whisper."

Jamie Foxx touches on the importance of embracing and celebrating blackness throughout his film career:

"We struggle to get to a certain point in our lives where they've told us to be mainstream…but if my black fans are not proud of what I'm doing then somehow it doesn't feel the same."

Kirk Franklin shares thoughts on Donald Trump's Bible Photo-Op:

"The same Bible held reads Psalms 119 that says 'Hide thy word in thy heart' not hold my word in thy hand. So just because you hold it doesn't mean you're in it."

The episode is scheduled to air Friday at 5:00 PM PT on the LOL Network channel (ch. 428) on Pluto TV.