“Django Unchained” Gets Pulled From Chinese Theaters

"Django Unchained" Gets Pulled From Chinese Theaters

After opening yesterday in movie theaters across China, “Django Unchained” was pulled from theaters today, although no official explanation has been given yet.

Increasingly, China is becoming the golden mecca for American movies with all those billions of film-goers, despite the fact that China’s tough censorship code wreaks havoc on American films.

Cloud Atlas“, for example, had some 38 minutes of the film cut out by Chinese censors.

Django” had, so far, gotten through relatively unscathed with some minor cuts, due to violence. But it is speculated that the film was pulled because of nudity, which somehow got past the censors the first time.

A Sony Pictures spokesman said, regarding the removal of the film from theaters, that “We regret that ‘Django Unchained’ has been removed from theaters and are working with the Chinese authorities to determine whether the film can be rescheduled.


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