DJ Supa Dave (@TheDJSupaDave), @KingSyze, John Jigg$ (@JiggsTheGreat), & Akrobatik Give You 'That Real Shit'

DJ Supa Dave - That Real Shit [Track Artwork]

What happens when you bring NY, Philly, & Boston together on a DJ Supa Dave beat??? "That Real Shit"!!! That's exactly what the legendary beatsmith DJ Supa Dave has done with his latest offering "That Real Shit" featuring King Syze (Philly), John Jigg$ (New York), & Akrobatik (Boston).

DJ Supa Dave gives us that vintage sounding production with echoes of Mobb Deep & Nas samples coupled with a crazy baseline making it easy for the trio to lay a lyrical assault to our eardrums. This is what fans & Hip-Hop aficionados have been screaming for, "That Real Shit"!!!

You can give DJ Supa Dave's new single, "That Real Shit", a listen below…