DJ Krazy A (@DJKrazyA2010) feat. AWKWORD (@AWKWORDrap) - Hands [MP3]
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DJ Krazy A (@DJKrazyA2010) feat. AWKWORD (@AWKWORDrap) – Hands [MP3]

“Stop it right there and stretch your hands to the sky / ‘Never trust police’ is what I’ve known since I was five / And every cop I’ve met always wants to know why / For all the times I saw my street swept up out in Bed Stuy” –AWKWORD, from “Hands“, verse 2

“‘Hands’ appears on ‘Hip-HopEfx’, my first album, set to be released in early 2017. The album is a chance to share my love of Hip Hop and present to the world some great artists I revere.” –DJ Krazy A, introducing the album featuring “Hands