DJ Dahi Does ‘Rhythm Roulette: Serato Edition’

DJ Dahi Does 'Rhythm Roulette: Serato Edition'

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DJ Dahi does his thing on another level, crafting beats for such giants as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Dr. Dre. So it’s appropriate that Dahi’s second appearance on Rhythm Roulette be anything but ordinary. This time around we made two important innovations to our standard operating procedure.

First of all, instead of a regular old record store, the Grammy-Award-winning Los Angeles–based producer came out to NYC and went digging through cardboard boxes in the back of a van stuffed full of treats by rare groove vendor Gene Brown. In case you were unaware, Brown is a North Carolina-based MC/producer who specializes in serving up sample fodder to production gods like Pete Rock and the aforementioned Mr. West. Digging in his crates is like looking for gold at Fort Knox.

In this case Dahi slipped on a blindfold and came up with a gospel record by the Midwestern District Choir, Greg Perry’s 1977 funk/soul classic Smokin‘, and what Mr. Brown described as an “extremely rare Brazilian joint.”

“Let’s go make some beats!” said Dahi, clutching the vinyl in his hands.

This second major advantage in this action-packed episode is that Dahi got the chance to work with a brand new Serato software plug-in called Sample that integrates with Serato’s O.G. production software, Pitch ‘n Time. As the name suggests, Sample allows users to chop samples and manipulate them freely. BPMs can be adjusted to the utmost extreme without any loss of audio quality. A highly intuitive interface allowed Dahi to quickly find, chop, key-shift, and time-stretch samples.

“There’s some really dope features,” said Dahi. “We’re just going to experiment and try to find some cool stuff and see if we can come up with some gems.” Check out the fruits of his labor in the video up top.

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