Dillon & Batsauce “Banana Peels” (Video)

Dillon & Batsauce "Banana Peels" (Video)

Dillon and Batsauce deliver “Spy vs. Spy”-themed animated visuals for new single, “Banana Peels”.

Dillon and Batsauce embody the energy of Mad Magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” comic strip in the clever and unique new video for “Banana Peels”, which features animation by Batsauce himself.

Dillon & Batsauce "Banana Peels" (Video)
From left to right: Batsauce and Dillon [Photo Credit: Chad Hess]
This classic comic was something my Pop loved and passed on to me,” Dillon explains.

He adds that Spy vs. Spy reminds him of today’s rap game, because it’s full of people who look, act, and sound the same, all while trying to sabotage each other.

Myself included, I guess,” he says while laughing, “Though I’m too old for that.

Dillon knew that his collaborator, producer Batsauce, would be up for the video’s theme as a former art teacher who happened to learn animation during the pandemic.

He also created a “Spy vs. Spy”-themed beat tape years ago, so everything really just fell into place for these visuals.

To top it all off, the track itself has a menacing, old-school super villain sound to it, making it the perfect canvas for Batsauce to do his thing.

Dillon & Batsauce "Banana Peels" (Video)

What Have We Done‘ Tracklisting:

  1. What Have We Done (Intro)
  2. Mind Made
  3. Quiet As A Library
  4. Eddie Farah
  5. Make History
  6. Cannonball featuring Grand Puba
  7. Banana Peels
  8. Accolades featuring Reef The Lost Cauze & Jay Myztroh
  9. Wakin Up Hungry featuring Headkrack
  10. Goin’ Viral
  11. Ready On The Left featuring Kool Keith
  12. What Are We Doing (Interlude)
  13. Watercolors featuring Quelle Chris
  14. Speak Easy
  15. Isiah Thomas
  16. Rock Bottom
  17. Yoga Flame

Check out the visuals below and head over to your preferred streaming platform to support.

The duo’s new album, ‘What Have We Done’, drops July 12 through FULL PLATE on DSPs, vinyl, CD, and cassette, and is available now for pre-order via Bandcamp.

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