Devon Cole “Hey Cowboy” (Video)

Devon Cole “Hey Cowboy” (Video)

Devon Cole shares her new single and music video “Hey Cowboy”.

Back with another cheeky, catchy, and clever anthem, Toronto-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Devon Cole reveals a new single and music video entitled “Hey Cowboy” via Arista Records.

“Hey Cowboy” struts along on a captivating guitar-laden beat.

Meanwhile, Devon’s signature double entendre turns heads on the verses before she promises, “You can keep your boots on baby, I’m a woman not a lady.”

It illuminates her razor-sharp wit, dynamic vocals, and uncontainable charisma all at once.

In the accompanying video, she rides a horse (in a cowboy hat, of course), busts out some slick choreography surrounded by cowboys, and partakes in a wild pool party, floating on a giant watermelon!

It perfectly reflects the spirit of the song on screen.

Devon Cole “Hey Cowboy” (Video)
Photo Credit: Billie Black


About “Hey Cowboy”, Devon commented, “‘Hey Cowboy’ is a song where I’m embracing my sexuality (and my affection for cowboys). I love songs that are a little flirty, a lot flirty. It’s downright fun to own my sexual appetite and sing freely about it. I get fired up (in a good way) hearing women sing candidly and unapologetically about sex. Especially when it’s raunchy. ‘Hey Cowboy’ is the first song of mine where I’m stepping into that.”

Devon has quietly emerged as an enigmatic and engaging force to be reckoned with this year.

Her buzzing smash, “W.I.T.C.H.”, has eclipsed 33 million streams and counting thus far while the official music video trended at #27 on YouTube.

Beyond gaining traction on TikTok and Reels to the tune of 33K creations and 43 million total views, she has inspired widespread critical acclaim.

Devon has reached the precipice of a major breakthrough.

She has amassed millions of streams on her 2021 independent project, ‘Party For One’, as well as singles such as “Uncall It”.

Be on the lookout for more from Devon Cole soon!