Deestroying On “RG3 & The Ones” Podcast

Deestroying On “RG3 & The Ones” Podcast

YouTuber Deestroying talks favoritism in the NFL plus shares his NFL conspiracy theories on the “RG3 & The Ones” podcast.

Today, we share this week’s all-new episode of “RG3 & The Ones”, hosted by Robert Griffin III and presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, as he is joined by YouTuber and NFL partner Donald De La Haye aka Deestroying.

In this episode, RG3 and Deestroying talk about Dee choosing YouTube over his football career in college, the college football playoff controversy, Deebo Samuel vs AJ Brown, the NFL officiating problem, and reveals his Aaron Rodgers injury conspiracy.


  • [19:20] Dee talks about his reasons for not playing in the NFL yet and teases that he has something coming

I will say a lot of reasons as to why I haven’t played in the league, I will take accountability and say a lot is on me. I haven’t tried as hard as I should, I haven’t taken the proper measurements and steps, tangible steps, to play. I make videos and I show my skill but I don’t properly get an agent or properly try to talk to somebody. And I always deep down felt like if I was to take this journey and play, I’d have to sacrifice a little bit on the content side and I just was never ready for that. It’s been so good to me. I ain’t gonna say I’m never gonna be ready for it, but I got something on the way, I got something on the way.”

  • [20:20] Does Dee think he could outkick Justin Tucker?

I’m a confident guy and I really badly want to say I can, but that’s J Tuck and I gotta respect him. He’s the greatest kicker that ever lived. He’s automatic. He got a leg… I’d give him a run for his money and I’d be interested to see how it plays out. But you gotta call a spade when it’s a spade, he’s him, so…

  • [43:00] Dee shares a bit of his “conspiracy theories” regarding favoritism towards certain players in the NFL

I just feel like they love Mahomes in the NFL, and I mean, that’s obvious to everybody. Mahomes is the NFL’s favorite. I’m not saying things are skewed in his favor a little bit, but they love Mahomes, bro. The whole nation loves Mahomes.”

  • [50:10] Dee comments on Aaron Rodgers’ injury

It goes back to me being a conspiracy theorist, man. Either he has the greatest doctor of all time or this man never tore it for real. Maybe it was a smaller injury or maybe it was partially or something… how else do you defy science? … It just don’t make sense, bro. I seen this man’s thing pop on national TV…