Deep (Of @2HungryBros) Speaks On His New Beat Tape ‘Bushwick Beatfeed’ w/@MassAppeal

Deep (Of @2HungryBros) Speaks On His New Beat Tape 'Bushwick Beatfeed' w/@MassAppeal

2 Hungry Bros producer Deep recently sat down with the Hip Hop media outlet Mass Appeal to talk about his latest beat tape, ‘Bushwick Beatfeed‘. Here, he goes into depth about the inspiration behind the beats and the concept for the tape in general.

Definitely a good read for those that want the inside scoop. You can give the following excerpt from the interview a read below…

Mass Appeal: Why did you move from the LES to Bushwick 15 years ago?

Deep: My wife is native to Bushwick. We initially moved into her parents’ railroad apartment when dating then bought a condo up the block after marriage. I loved the food in the neighborhood most. I recognized the difference in Manhattan “Spanish” and Brooklyn “Spanish” aka Comida Criolla.

How many times have you been to the Short Stay Hotel? What did you do there?

That hotel is for when you’re ass out of options on spots to fornicate. I don’t think her family would have approved of the times we did it upstairs so the Bushwick hotel served to maintain the frequency of our intimate relations.

Can you give specific examples on how 1 or 2 of the tracks reflect 1 or 2 of the rooms at the hotel?

I have seen numerous kinds of escorts and women of the night walk in and out with a seriousness cemented on their foundation. In “Los Angeles Bakery,” the sample sounds like a woman saying “go get some dough” over guitar strings followed by banging drums. The first track, “Bushwick Angels,” is dedicated to the women I saw walking out who looked like victims of horrible circumstances. I was hoping to compose what may have been an escape like a soul ascending out of the body. The track “Tempo Para La Cuca” is ghostly like the corner room on the first floor. Just the walk passing the sounds in the “suites” till you got to the end was eerie and inspired the sound in that track named after a roach killer.

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