Death Over Designer By J.Shaw (@JShawOfficial)

Death Over Designer By J.Shaw (@JShawOfficial)

Songwriter & hip-hop artist J.Shaw’s new rap "23’s" has created "The Message" in a real setting with the perfect set of lyrics addressing the violence created by Jordan shoes. Inspired by mind-boggling stories around the popularity of Jordans & the crimes they cause, J.Shaw has created this music video giving a rhythmic voice to these crimes & silently protesting it.

Michael Jordan is the epitome of success, perseverance, mobility, status, & inspiration.

His shoes have become an enduring staple of basketball culture & have evolved into a fashion all their own. The Jumpman insignia is so ubiquitous that its presence is hardly noticed, and is simply expected to adorn the apparel of the world’s greatest athletes. Yet the shoe’s success has not been void of controversy, as the fabric of the Air Jordan campaign has been stained by continuous violence. This is exactly what songwriter J.Shaw has portrayed in his new single "23’s".

Unfortunately, many people today do not have their own unique sense of style & always want to follow trends. The terms “dead stock” & “hypebeast” may not mean much to the average person, but to a “sneakerhead”, these words are a part of everyday vocabulary. “Sneakerhead” is an American colloquialism for a person who collects rare, limited, or exclusive shoes, which they refer to as “kicks”. Usually the collection includes many shoes from the Jordan brand. “Sneakerheads” have a vast knowledge about not only the shoes in their closets, but also all shoes being bought & sold. These collectors frequent many sneaker releases in which people have to line up for or win raffles in order to make a purchase. Since many of these sneaker releases are sometimes in limited quantity, the events often involve violence. One of the most popular brands that causes violence are Jordans which are produced by Nike. This is terrible how people end up losing their lives over sneaker releases. Something has to be done to stop the violence over such material items. And rapper J.Shaw’s contribution of a song entirely dedicated against violence over Jordans is a step in this direction.

People line up for hours to get retro Air Jordan sneakers (crazy, huh?). Did you know that just about every Saturday a new pair of Jordans come out? Did you also know that people have been killed over these shoes that will be released again soon?