Dcypha Responds To Taiyamo Denku’s Allegations + Talks New Music

Dcypha Responds To Taiyamo Denku's Allegations + Talks New Music

For the people that already know (and for the people that don’t know), there’s been trouble in the CyphaDen Music camp between its founders Milwaukee emcee Taiyamo Denku & Australian producer Dcypha. Last week, Denku spoke his piece on the matter which resulted in a diss track from Toronto emcee Lee Ricks.

Dcypha has since reached out to us to tell us his side of the story on the situation. You can give his response and more a read below…

VannDigital: What the hell happened between you and Taiyamo Denku?

Dcypha: It was a dealing he had with a guy called Danny Morrison and for a feature for Cassidy. For me, another feather in my producer cap and what I set out to do from day one, work with well-known and legendary emcees as it’s on my bucket list.

It was one chunk of money and not a small sum which was 100% my money. This was the start of CyphaDen’s problem, MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Dcypha spending thousands of dollars to make a rapper somewhat famous on social media even to the point of paying petrol money, buying clothes for videos, and even to getting emcees to studio sessions SMDFH. See, I am super busy doing life and looking after my family and job, ie. I am a executive chef in a very busy restaurant 70-80 hours a week. Crazy I know, producer/beatmaker.

Secondly, the agreement we had was that the emcee would do the leg work as they can discuss the subject matter and get the song in somewhat a feel of being in the same room, nah mean? So a lot of the time in dealings, it would seem as if he had done all the parts of collaboration, obviously it’s not his money which is why he sent and gambled the lot?

At this point, it all went upside down and I was paying out of pocket. This plus many other monies sent which he lost in his shabby business dealings.

No doubt, I kinda made mistakes along the way which is why we are here in this situation. He went on about he was broke and I said “you can pay me back when you get the money”.

All good until….. I found out he was starting to fund his own endeavors in music which is all good for me but pay your debts, true?????? He can work with whoever he wants to work with.

I have had some other work with other producers and emcees and he would always catch some kinda feelings when this happened, yeah weird I say and kinda gay in my opinion. After all these years sending tons of money in which I have all the PayPal receipts, which in fact, on him saying 2-3 years since I invested–it was March 7th of this year lol and him buying features and going on tour with the funds from the music and not giving me one red cent to repay his bad decisions on my money, I kinda exploded about it because I have spent upwards of 30-40K on music all out of contract.

None were put up for signing, maybe my bad decision, but hey I have the sessions–so all goodie. It kinda leaves us here and why I am responding to these allegations and propaganda about me being a thief.

Bruh trust me, I don’t need to steal shit. I have always paid and respected artists I worked with and when y’all want to play some childish little business games, I will call you out and as u know in this industry–it is dirty as fuck on the business side.

A reminder to all in this business, I sent him the money and he did the leg work. Now, he claims it’s all him because he did the transaction.

Maybe get him to show you his actual PayPal transaction receipts from my secretaries account? There are zero contracts written to say anything.

Choclair choose this beat and it’s the original because I paid for it. I should have maybe itemized when I sent monies but this shit is chump change.

Thousands of my dollars have been sent to him to make these collaborations happen. Maybe I should stop him from using my features, i.e. Kool G Rap, Vinnie Paz, Blaq Poet, Joell Ortiz, Reks, Pep Love (Heiro), etc etc etc.

But hey, I ain’t that bitter to the issues. Just the slander on social media.

How do you plan to deal with this situation going forward?

Well, dealing with this situation isn’t really going anywhere at the moment. There’s no contracts, only receipts to transactions which mean nothing without looking from A to Z on the dealings.

Like really, there’s nothing to say when dealing with an egotistical megalomaniac who thinks every word they speak is facts. Facts are that his fraudulent dealings have affected me but not bothered me.

Him and his new producer, I wish good luck for CyphaDen–well my name is the first part hahahahahahahaha. Forever let it be known that’s a fact in itself that Cypha is the biggest part.

Let this new producer live of the crumbs of what I did but no hard feelings to him. I won’t mention his name cause he got nothing to do with it.

But he seems to want to be a part of this shit fight saying I am on his shit list, lol OK, cool bruh legendary comment. These little boys and Denku’s squeaking girlfriend are acting like butthurt school girls to this date.

His producer should know that I was asked to remix the 38 Spesh track but I declined cause I don’t want no more of Denku’s so-called remixes but I see that he is remixing everything I did. Seems like a system happening with Denku’s music, REMIXES AFTER REMIXES AFTER REMIXES.

I feel that all issues should be up for discussion like the Kool G Rap verse from a certain somebody that we got being the same verse just slowed down and chopped to fit each beat. Wonder who that is????!!

Names will be left out to protect the innocent and how he got his Snoop Dogg verse and video? And how he got his unreleased Busta verse? Which are not real just clickbait.

I know this for a fact because I know his dealings and it’s almost laughable. Yeah, he knows some credible emcees like we all do but the biggest of all of his features are mine and paid by me in full plus videos, wack shit and fraudulent dealings.

He used all my really good features, i.e. Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Joell Ortiz, Pep Love, Reks, Shabaam Sahdeeq, JoJo Pellegrino plus the video with Apathy plus the video for “Meet Ya Fate” plus the video for “Levitate” plus video for other songs and the list goes on and on and on. This plays out like a school kids storyline and seriously rhetorical so when saying they’re yours, it is almost laughable.

So answer to the question, no I will do what I do and release what I will release without all this bird-chirping some false phrases in January to be exact. But don’t worry Denku, you can hit every blog you want as I don’t really play that game with the blogs.

I will let the music speak for itself and if the blogs pick it up, good. If not–no biggie–I ain’t standing with my hand out asking people to listen. I just enjoying making music, that’s it!

Seeing that this is the end of your partnership between Denku & yourself, do you have your own movement going?

Yeah, of course I have many things going on in and out of music–why wouldn’t I? I didn’t just come down in the last shower.

I paid for most of this and will do so moving forward. I am a producer/beatmaker and need relationships with emcees and artists to be real.

This is why we are at this point in the situation. Shit has become not real in the CyphaDen camp.

I make beats and people ask that I deliver. If you’re not feeling it, it’s all good, go work with somebody else–no feelings.

This is not my income but a major passion and hobby for me. If people choose a side, I don’t care.

This is a business and money is transferred regularly. That’s a emcee’s income but when I pay for something, I can use it for whatever I want.

That’s the nature of the beast if no contracts are exchanged irrelevant of what you say, straight facts brother. There’s no movement with me and never has been.

I have just started a SoundCloud, wouldn’t you believe. It is just some boom bap noise that I enjoy.

Remember, I do this for not anybody else except me. Some others are very debatable to say the least but everybody got their own lane and respect to you how you do things in your way. But fuckery is fuckery, no two ways about it.

I hope this answers some critics but I say it will probably stir more than settle. Again, I will say this–FUCK YA LIFE!!!!!!!