Every Day ‘Feels Like Friday’ For @MissCCLaFlor

Every Day 'Feels Like Friday' For @MissCCLaFlor

Highly sought after singer/songwriter Miss C.C. LaFlor is blooming again. The Decatur-bred, treasure is preparing to unearth her new “Retro Soul” movement, but ‘While You Wait‘, Miss C.C. connects with fellow Dungeon Family associate Sidestreet Ked for an end of the week anthem, entitled “Feels Like Friday”.

The addictive party track has an enchanting, laid-back, 90’s feel. You won’t be able to resist putting it on repeat every Friday (or any day) morning while you’re getting ready for your day, while your at your office working hard(ly), while you’re in rush-hour traffic, and/or while you’re pre-gaming, getting ready for the “turn up”.